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Discount Hotel Rates: Cheap Bed and Breakfasts in Amsterdam - Your Home Away from Home

Discount Hotel Rates

There are a hundred and one reasons Amsterdam is a city like no other. What makes Amsterdam special? It's the city's rich culture and heritage. Its the high quality of life and commercial dynamism. It's in Amsterdam's unique blend of cosmopolitan culture and old-world charm. Most of all, it's in the people. These factors, and more, make Amsterdam one of the most popular European destinations. What better way to experience the city's beauty and cultural attractions than by staying in cheap bed and breakfasts in Amsterdam?

Bed and Breakfasts in Amsterdam
More comfortable than hostels and backpacker accommodations but considerably cheaper than full service hotels, cheap bed and breakfasts in Amsterdam are usually exceptionally nice places to stay in. Cheap bed and breakfasts in Amsterdam are often remodeled old homes and mansions, painstakingly restored to represent the way they were originally built. These affordable accommodations give you a sense of going back in time, while giving you a glimpse of all that the city has to offer.

What's In A Name
As the name promises, cheap bed and breakfasts in Amsterdam give you exactly that - a bed and a breakfast. Cheap bed and breakfasts in Amsterdam provide clean and comfortable rooms for you to stay in, usually complete with an en suite bathroom.

Breakfast varies and is usually included in the room rate, depending on your host. Some cheap bed and breakfasts in Amsterdam provide full meals of eggs, meat, pancakes, freshly squeezed juices, and coffee. Others provide much lighter meals. Still, there are some cheap bed and breakfasts in Amsterdam that may require you to pay extra for breakfast.

What To Expect
Cheap bed and breakfasts in Amsterdam are perfect for the gourmet traveler on a budget. When staying in a bed and breakfast, you can guarantee that all your senses are pampered, from the moment you arrive to the time you leave.

On arrival, it is possible to find a glass of champagne or a platter of fruit and cheese in your room. Many cheap bed and breakfasts in Amsterdam will provide baskets with goodies to pamper your weary travel-worn body with such treats as scented candles, soap, shower and bath gel, and specially formulated shampoo. Some go the extra mile if providing you with the best quality bed sheets, blankets, and duvets and pillows as soft as clouds.

Most cheap bed and breakfasts in Amsterdam give you access to your own bathroom, too, and often, these are equipped with showers and bathtubs. Smaller bed and breakfasts may provide shared bathrooms. Do not fret, however, because hosts go through great lengths to keep shared bathrooms clean.

Lodging in a bed and breakfast can often give you the feeling you're staying at a five-star hotel sans the hefty price tag. In essence, staying in a bed and breakfast is living in somebody else's house in style. Hosts of cheap bed and breakfasts in Amsterdam have opened up their homes to strangers like you, with the idea of making their home your home away from home.

Looking for cheap bed and breakfasts in Amsterdam? Our site can help you find discount hotel rates anywhere in Europe, among them self-catering Berlin accommodations.

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Discount Hotel Rates: Stockholm, The "Nordens Venedig"

Discount Hotel Rates

Stockholm, also known as “Nordens Venedig” meaning the Venice of the North, is the capital and the largest city of Sweden. Stockholm is located in the eastern part of the country on the Baltic Sea.

Stockholm was officially recognized as the capital of Sweden in 1634. Sweden is world famous for Nobel Prizes and Stockholm is home to the Nobel Institute.

Stockholm is economic, transportation, administrative, and cultural center of Sweden. It is home to textiles, clothing, paper, chemicals, communications equipment, motor vehicles, rubber, processed food, printed materials, porcelain, liquor and ship manufacturing industry. The city also has a large port and an important. It is the seat of Sweden's principal stock exchange.

Stockholm has earned nicknames such as “Eken - The Oak”, “Tjockhult - Fat town” and “Fjollträsk – Sissyville”.

Stockholm’s main attractions include Drottningholm Palace, Gröna Lund amusement park, The Riksdag parliament, Stockholm City Hall, Vasa Museum with the Ship Vasa, Rosenbad the seat of Sweden's government, The Sergels Torg square, The open air museum Skansen, The Royal Palace, Stockholm Globe Arena, Gamla stan – the old town section, the 155 meters high Kaknästornet TV Tower, which offers a splendid view etc.

Stockholm is a great tourist spot. It’s one of the most coveted tourist spots in the world. The stockholm hotels are known for their comforts and luxuries.

If you are planning for stockholm vacation, can help you find hotel stockholm. The website offers tons of info on hotel stockholm Sweden, grand hotel stockholm, cheap hotels in stockholm, discount hotel rates in stockholm and stockholm hotel reservation. It also provides info on stockholm cheap vacations, stockholm vacation package, stockholm family vacation, stockholm vacation rental etc.

About Author: The author is the owner of the website about Stockholm Hotels, a comprehensive guide on stockholm hotels, offering tons of info and tips to take hotel stockholm and cheap hotel stockholm. You can get more information on hotel stockholm from his site.

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Discount Hotel Rates: No Sweat Shop

Discount Hotel Rates

Shopping is the new opium. From women of all ages to a growing number of men, shopping is just so (positively) addicting. Blame it to Paris Hilton or to any of our society's elites and celebrities, shopping has become a widely accepted and practiced norm. Shopping knows no age, gender, religion, or culture. Shopping is now on everyone's must-to-do list and to discount shopping is as trivial and shallow as a big no-no.

With consumerism on the unstoppable rise, merchandisers and manufacturers have also adapted to the growing and widening culture of shopping madness. Shopping malls, stalls, and depots are almost in every corner. Promotions, events, sales, and campaigns for loyal patronage bombard all media of communication. Shopping has also expanded and not exclusively associated with clothes and apparel anymore. Shopping for various services is now as popular as the conventional idea of shopping especially in the internet. People now shop online for travel reservations, hotel accommodations, and personal services. To heed to the trend, general managers discount hotel rates as much as about 20 or 30 percent especially during holidays. Travel agencies discount airfare almost every quarter of the year to attract more travelers and tourists to patronize their services. Local and international tourism agencies discount travel packages lower than the regular rate two or three years ago. All these are signs of the huge population hooked in shopping activities, myself included.

For online shoppers like me, finding the best site to purchase the latest Fendi and Louis Vitton bags has become a daily habit. A 24-hour existence will not be complete without checking out online shopping sites' latest list of products and services. With enough money or not, shopping is as normal as eating, breathing, and living. Broke or not, shopping (just like life) must go on. After all, shopping is not exclusive to people born with silver spoon. Discount promos have mushroomed everywhere making shopping not as costly as it was perceived by many ten years ago. The trick is to find the best online shopping sites that give the best discount rates for price-conscious shoppers like me.

I'm sure most of you love or are still dreaming of going on many travels. Having been on a cruise in the Caribbean, Mediterranean, *Southeast Asia*, and the Atlantic, I can say that the experience of going into different places is one of the best you can bring with you after life. The freedom you get in being a stranger in foreign land, being unbounded of norms, and being treated like a top celebrity (especially in Asian countries) are priceless compared to the amount of money you have to shelf out. Actually, you need not spend that much., a personal favorite travel shopping site, offers a wide array of cruises to satisfy your hunger for traveling. They discount cruises at prices reasonable enough to motivate you to save up and skip the itch for the latest Max Factor liquid foundation for the next few months. Different discounts for newly weds, families, companies, peer groups, and even kids and for different occasions are available for you to choose from.

But if you're not the traveling type and would rather exhaust all your shopping energies for clothes, bags, shoes, wines, jewelries or whatever, hundreds of online shopping sites are also at your service. is a haven for one-stop online shop with lots of discounts available. Ladies from sizes 14 to 32 can log on to for the hottest season collections at discount rates reaching to 20 percent. Sports enthusiasts and World Cup fanatics can shop for the trendiest Adidas collection in and enjoy their special shopping promotions. Other win-win offers like Body Shop's free shipping mechanics are up for your enjoyment.

Shopping is great, shopping is fun, shopping is here to put a smile. Just be wary and cautious enough about fraudulent shopping sites, and have that eagle eye for discounts and promos and you're surely on the right shopping path. Finding the best and most practical online shopping sites is way easier than tiring yourself in going to bazaars and walking for hours just for a freebie. Shopping should serve your pleasure and spoil it. So don't go the unnecessary mile to have the most cost-saving buy, for you might just end up more broke.

Discount Hotel Rates: Nice - Tastes Of The Mediterranean Hospitality

Discount Hotel Rates

A trip to Nice would take you to the beautiful capital of the Cote d'Azur, notorious as the center of the French Riviera. One of the top tourist destinations in France, Nice is a year-round holiday destination for the entire family with thousands of worldwide visitors threading its cobbled streets. As the city is overbooked all year long, you have to make sure you find a place to stay in advance, and the handiest solution is online booking.

A place you can rejoice all year long

Nice has a mild and pleasant climate with spring being the most favorable time to visit the city. On tours to Nice, you can visit the famous Promenade des Anglais, a five miles long seaside walkway lined with shingle beaches, palm trees and impressive buildings with lovely art-deco façades. One of the particularities of the accommodation industry in this exclusive city is the availability at all rates, which means that you will be able to find a hotel at incredibly cheap prices. There is a plethora of offers for prices as low as 40 € per night.

A full range of cheap offers and corporate solutions

If you are on a discount travel and looking for cozy and clean accommodation, this is the place to be. One of the most attractive places is Hotel Trocadero, an establishment in the very heart of old Nice, overlooking the beach. Discount hotel rates go as low as 45 € for a single room and apart from comfort, you will be also guided by hotel staff for trip organizing and city tour. Amaryllis Hotel is another heaven for discount travel solutions or for cheap corporate travel. Located in a lively quarter of Nice, with easy access to many trendy restaurants, theaters, cinemas, and boutiques, close to public transport, the location offers charming and comfortable rooms. You can enjoy the view to the city while you have breakfast in your room or you can choose to socialize in the enchanting Cours Saleya breakfast room. For corporate travelers, there are always affordable car rental and office solutions. Other cheap solutions include Hotel du Centre, situated in the city center, close to big shoppings areas, cinemas, theatres and museums. If you happen to be there during the Carnival in February, all you have to do is go on the terrace, as the view to the carnival promenade is outstanding.

There are plenty of opportunities should you choose to come here with your family, or on a corporate visit. Luxury and comfort go hand in hand with hotels such as Vendome, a charming mansion with beautiful glass roof situated in one of the quietest areas with a family-like atmosphere. Apart from cost effective rates for double and single rooms, the hotel offers special rates during city events such as the Nice Carnival or the Monaco Grand Prix. If style and low costs are what you are looking for, you should choose the wonderful Hotel Choiseul. This is a charming property set in a gorgeous Belle Epoque building, just a few steps from the train station, the main shopping areas, the Casino, and the beach.

Nice- a heaven of luxury for the experienced traveler

One of the top hotels and the most sought for, the four star Nice Riviera is an ideal establishment for corporate travelers but also for luxury seekers. One of the highlights of this special place is the fact that this is the only Nice location providing a heated indoor swimming pool and a sauna and Jacuzzi service available 24 hours.

Also in the very heart of Nice is the four star venue Hotel Le Grimaldi, located just a few minutes walk from the Flower Market and the old town as well as the Promenade des Anglais and numerous beaches. A particular mention is for the furnishing of each and individual room inside the hotels with charming and brightly colored Provencal fabrics according to a well thought over scheme for each floor.

Historical locations go hand in hand with comfort

And if you can afford to live in an heritage building and enjoy the vintage style and ultimate comfort and lavishness, you should definitely try at least once in your life the overwhelming Hotel Negresco. Built in 1912, overlooking the famous Bay of Angels, and classified a National Historic Monument in 1974, this is one of the few remaining privately owned palaces still existing in the world, a unique living museum that shares its passion for art with the clients. Throughout the hotel, epic periods in the history of France are represented, from the renaissance to the 3rd millennium.

Nice is an ideal tourist destination throughout the year, and this is not only for the multitude of city events, but for the convenient location at the junction along the Cote d'Azur. So, book well in advance a room and enjoy easy access to major tourist destinations of the region, including Monaco, St Tropez and Cannes.

Laurent Fabier is well known as a partner editor for online hotel reservation services, economic and marketing sites. His experience ranges from important contributions in written media to news and online travel magazines.

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Discount Hotel Rates: Trying to Find Discount Caribbean Travel Deals?

Discount Hotel Rates

These days, looking for great travel deals to virtually any destination is made all easy for the smart traveler. All you really need is a computer and an Internet connection. Then you can find yourself discount Caribbean travel deals. But to make things even more convenient, we've done all the searching, so now all you have to do is scroll through our list for the one that fits your travel plan and budget.

Below are our three picks for discount Caribbean travel deals:

If you're looking for drab $49.95 hotels, don't visit here. This site is not for cheapies, but it does offer you great discount Caribbean travel packages from some top of the line hotels all around the U.S., Canada, the Caribbean, and the rest of the world.

The quickest way to book a discount travel deal at this site is to use their online search tool where you can find the perfect deal by destination, arrival date, price range, neighborhood, and number of nights and rooms.

You can also find a specific hotel by simply choosing a destination and the site will automatically direct you to a page listing all the discount Caribbean travel accommodations that are affiliated with

If you want guaranteed lower rates, then be sure to visit All Luxury Hotels. The site offers a triple guaranty of lower rates, payment security, and privacy for nearly 100 domestic destinations and close to 50 international cities, including Europe and resort cities in Mexico.

When you book a hotel reservation through All Luxury Hotels, you are guaranteed to get the best discount Caribbean travel package there is. What's more, if you find out that there is another lower rate available for the same dates and the same hotel you've already booked, you can contact All Luxury Hotels within 24 hours of booking and they will either refund you the difference or cancel the reservations without penalty.

It's not called "Classic Custom Vacations" for nothing. For great customized luxury vacations tailored to fit your vacationing needs and budget, ClassicVacations is exactly what you're looking for. Here you can customize your own discount Caribbean travel by choosing any of their first-class airfare for less and list of discount hotel rates. When you're done personalizing your Caribbean dream vacation, top off the whole process by calling the toll-free number provided at the site so you can speak to a Classic Custom Vacations travel agent who will help you finalize everything.

For more information about caribbean travel, please visit:

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Discount Hotel Rates: Finding the Best Deals on Hotel Lodging

Discount Hotel Rates

There is no doubt that hotel costs are among the biggest part of any vacation budget, and the failure to find affordable lodging has harpooned many an otherwise well planned vacation. One of the keys to enjoying a great vacation without breaking the bank is striking the best possible deal on the roof over your head.

Fortunately, the internet has made the process of finding a great hotel deal much easier. There are some great hotel, motel, and bed and breakfast deals out there, and the internet has made them easier to find than ever.

Booking ahead is essential, as is shopping around. You simply cannot expect to simply show up at a hotel and get a good rate. Most hotel chains reserve their best room rates, and they limit their numbers. Once those low cost rooms are booked, they are simply no longer available.

It is also important to book ahead because it can be difficult to gauge the demand for lording in a particular area, even if you are familiar with your destination. Special events of which you are unaware could cause a spike in hotel demand, and hotel prices, and leave you either paying an arm and a leg for a place to sleep, or, worse yet, find yourself without a place to stay at all.

It is also important to take advantage of all discounts to which you may be entitled, and not be shy about asking for discounts. Many hotel chains and independent hotels offer discounts to those in the military, senior citizens, and members of travel clubs like AAA. If you think you are entitled to a discount, be sure to ask, and be sure to verify that the discount has been applied when you arrive.

In addition, many hotel chains offer programs that are similar to airline frequent flier programs. These programs reward loyal guests with free nights and other rewards. It is important to sign up for these programs whenever you can. Most of these programs are free, so signing up will cost you nothing, and you could end up with a free hotel stay.

When looking for those great hotel deals, a number of web sites compare hotels by price, star level, and even proximity to certain tourist attractions. It is always best to search several of these sites, since not all hotel chains participate in every comparison site.

There is no doubt that finding a great hotel rate will take some time and some hard work, but it is very important to keeping your travel budget under control. The cost of lodging often represents at least half, and often much more, of the total cost of a vacation. It is easy to see, then, how getting the best possible deal on your hotel can keep your cost level low and your vacation fun level high.

For more information about securing cheap or discount hotel rates, visit these sites, Cheap Hotels and Discount Hotels

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Discount Hotel Rates: Employee Discount Travel

Discount Hotel Rates

Everyone loves to travel, but many can't afford to. That's why it is nice when companies have a program that allows for discount travel. Employee discount travel is part of a growing trend that allows anyone who is employed at a company who participates in the employee discount travel program to go on an affordable and enjoyable trip as an individual or with family.

Employee discount travel is a part of the fringe benefits that are offered to employees by their company A company works with different travel agencies and gets special deals in return that employees can benefit from. In other words, if a company handles all corporate travel through a certain travel agency; in return; the travel agency will give certain discounts to the company's employees.

If you actually work for a travel agency, the benefits of employee discount travel are even greater. In this case, the company may even reimburse the expenses related to travel borne by the employee like hotel accommodation, food and intercity travel. Many companies also reimburse the cost of international calls made by the employee to clients on the trip for official purposes. If the employee is on a long travel program, companies are ready to provide him with discount coupons to supermarkets and eateries that would make his travel more economical.

Not to forget the contribution and the policies of the airline and railway industries, that offer their employee and their family members free air and rail tickets to travel any where in the world. Moreover, the railway employees are offered first class tickets not only for them but also their dependant family members.

To help the company provide employee discount travel facility; there are many other companies that serve as agents. They carefully select those companies that would like to forward discounts and travel related services and gain popularity and match them with companies who want to offer employ discount travel.

Employee discount travel is a facility used by a company to retain talented employees.

Discount Travel provides detailed information on Discount Travel, Discount Air Travel, Discount Travel Agents, Discount European Travel and more. Discount Travel is affiliated with Discount Hotel Rates.

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Discount Hotel Rates: Discount Caribbean Travel

Discount Hotel Rates

Discount Caribbean travel can include discount airfares, discount hotel rates, discount tour prices and other types of travel discounts. There are last minute discount deals. Last minute travel discount deals can save you thousands of dollars over normal rates, if you are flexible and adventurous enough to take advantage of them.

One method to find travel discount is the Internet. Internet has some of the best travel discounts available. Most travel providers from individual airlines and cruise lines to online travel sites offer newsletters.

A lot of resorts, hotels, restaurants, tour operators, transportation carriers, and other travel providers offer special travel discounts for their older travelers. Several travel service providers do not offer regular travel discounts. Many travel discounts apply only at certain times or may carry other restrictions. You have to do a little research before your reservations. Try a variety of travel services during the days or seasons when the best travel discounts are offered. Some organizations offer membership card to discount the travel.

Some senior travel discounts are also available. While there are many great travel discounts available to seniors, the senior discount scheme is not always the best deal available. Before asking for the senior discount, be sure to check out special travel discounts that may be available to people regardless of age. Sometimes they prove better deals than senior discounts. You should compare all the deals that are available.

Some travel discounts are attached to membership in various senior organizations, while others are simply the privileges of age. If you are interested in particular travel discounts, you should find out how old you need to be to qualify and whether membership in an organization will be required to receive these travel discounts.

Caribbean Travel provides detailed information on Caribbean Travel, Caribbean Travel Villas, Caribbean Travel Cruises, Caribbean Travel Deals and more. Caribbean Travel is affiliated with Cheap Caribbean Cruises.

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Discount Hotel Rates: Ixtapa Zihuatanejo Hotels Discount

Discount Hotel Rates

Some advice on finding discount hotel rates in Ixtapa Zihuatanejo. As a hotel owner myself, I feel somewhat qualified to pass on a little advice on finding the best room rates for your next stay in Ixtapa or Zihuatanejo.

If you arrived at this article looking for list of super cheap hotel rates, I am sorry to disappoint. There are a million sites offering the "Cheap Rates on Ixtapa Zihuatanejo Hotels". Yeah, right. There can only be one "best". It's the one you are happy with. Anyway, if you are still reading, here are a few random ideas:

Call the hotel directly.

If you know precisely which hotel you want to stay at, try and find a local phone number for them. Very soon I will be posting a list of all the hotels, casas, condos, bungalows, villas, hostels and rooms that I have telephone numbers for.

This tip is particularly true for the small bungalows or boutique hotels. Calling the hotel will probably put you in touch with the owner, and you can be sure that they are perfectly aware that they do not have to pay a commission to an on line booking agent, (or a local cab driver). Expect at least 10% flexibility - it doesn't cost them anything to give you a discount equal to the commission they would normally have to pay.


Mexican commerce is built on negotiation. There is nothing inherently insulting or wrong about negotiating a better price. If fact, to the contrary, it is expected. I could probably count on the fingers of one hand the number of Mexican guests who have stayed in my bungalows in Zihuatanejo who have not negotiated a rate (or at least tried to!). On the other hand, the reverse holds true for American and Canadian guests.

I am never offended by this. It is a way of life. Obviously a guest wants the best rate they can get for their accommodation, as does the owner. As a guest, remember one thing: the owner will never rent a room for less than they are happy with receiving!

This of course is impossible with the large, chain hotels.

Make a "high-season" reservation in the "low-season".

The months of May/June and September/October are the lowest seasons in Ixtapa Zihuatanejo. Everyone is broke, or nearly so, and are therefore more inclined to discount at these times. Running a hotel is expensive and never stops! Neither do the wages! Be prepared to leave a large deposit though - you will get a better discount in the future is they have cash-in-hand now.

Make a reservation in the evening.

Almost every hotel in the world will cancel a reservation if you don't show up by 6pm, unless of course your room is guaranteed by a credit card. This of course will only work if you are already in Ixtapa or Zihuatanejo, or are going to arrive shortly.

With the smaller hotels, notably in Zihuatanejo, a cancellation may mean that the owners have held back some or all of the guest's deposit. You may find them more interested in giving you a discounted rate. Typically, a 50% deposit is required up front and they will only refund 80-90% of it if the room is re-rented.

Try second best.

The big hotels, like practically all the hotels in Ixtapa, always have a few rooms "out of order". Perhaps they are on the maintenance list to fix a faucet, replace a tile in the bathroom etc. If you tell the manager that are happy to take this sub-standard room, you may just get it, for a discount of course!

In the same vein is the idea of picking a cheaper hotel in the area. Let's say you want to be on Playa La Ropa (in Zihuatanejo), but your preferred hotel is asking $350 a night - well beyond your budget. 200 meters away is a perfectly good, but not as fancy, hotel that is asking $200 a night. Remember! Same beach, same sun, and you likely won't be spending that much time in the hotel anyway. Get out and explore! If you are staying in Ixtapa, jump a bus to Zihuatanejo, you'll enjoy it,

Consider other hotel types.

Most of us feel more "secure" reserving a room in a big, well-known hotel. In Ixtapa, you will find all the big chain hotels. Zihuatanejo generally has smaller hotels. There are many 1 to 10 room properties around. There are also condos, houses, apartments, bungalows, guest houses and the like. Playa La Ropa and Playa La Madera, in Zihuatanejo, are full of options.

Book one night up front.

Warning: Do NOT try this during Christmas, New Year's, Easter or summer vacations. All the hotels, and even the worst rooms, are booked for these holidays in both Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo. You could find yourself sleeping on the street (on the beach, no, it's prohibited).

If you are not familiar with Ixtapa or Zihuatanejo, or think you can get a better rate while you are "on the ground", think about reserving only one night at any promising hotel. Once you are here, you can then:

Decide whether the location you picked is where you would like to stay. Maybe Ixtapa is not to your cup of tea after all and you would rather have a hotel in Zihuatanejo.

Ask around and investigate other options and negotiate a price you are happy with. The previous tips about cancellations applies.

Another Caution: DO NOT TAKE ADVICE from the friendly guy on the beach, the cab driver or the waitress that offers to show you her "amigo's" hotel. They almost always are in it for the commission. On the other hand, if you do wind up having a conversation with someone who is not handing you a flyer, hustling you into a taxi or even worse, selling a time-shares, listen to them.

Discount Hotel Rates: How to Find a Discount Hotel without Discount of Comfort

Discount Hotel Rates

While vacations are a luxury for any family, they can quickly become expensive. We all know how stressful it gets when expenses start to add up, and we are left to find a discount hotel. Although discount hotels may make people think of beat up dingy resorts, it is actually possible to find a great hotel, without having to sacrifice your comfort or wallet.

The first thing you need to is plan ahead! By researching on the internet for great prices and packages, you will easily be able to find something that matches your budget. There are dozens of websites that cater to your needs, including and These services will find the cheapest airfare and may provide you with an entire package, including cheap discount hotel rates. Fortunately, these websites actually care about your vacation. Thus, they will go to great lengths to find you special discounts and rates.

Other internet services include This site walks you through a series of steps to find the perfect package. From airfare to discount hotels and car rentals, you can easily book everything on one website! It is also important to note that you should avoid holiday weekends and popular times to travel. During these days, it is very difficult to get any kind of discount. This is because the market is flooded with vacationers, making it almost impossible to save money. Therefore, one should try to book their vacation during an off season. For instance, if a family was interested in traveling to Chicago, they would have to figure out what months are not as crowded. This way they can find wonderful Chicago hotels without having to take out a loan for the vacation. With such helpful services, you could get a luxury Chicago hotel in just a few easy steps.

If you are an AAA member, you also may be able to find discount hotels. Usually by being a member, you will get a certain percentage off your entire room rate. It is a wonderful resource to use, as long as you know the benefits that come along with such a card. Another great benefit that comes along with being an AAA member is that many car rental services also give you a discount when you decide to rent from their company.

No matter what type of accommodation you are trying to find, it is possible to get a discount hotel in any city. From Springfield MO hotels to Chicago hotels – you can find the right deal for you. If you are looking for luxury, you still can save money! Many people do not realize that booking your vacation online can save you thousands of dollars in the long run. We all know how expensive it can get; therefore it is imperative to research months ahead. After all, the sooner you book your discount hotel on the internet, the less anxious you will feel about spending money.

Natalie Aranda writes on travel and recreation. Although discount hotels may make people think of beat up dingy resorts, it is actually possible to find a great hotel, without having to sacrifice your comfort or wallet. For instance, if a family was interested in traveling to Chicago, they would have to figure out what months are not as crowded. This way they can find wonderful Chicago hotels without having to take out a loan for the vacation. No matter what type of accommodation you are trying to find, it is possible to get a discount hotel in any city. From Springfield MO hotels to Chicago hotels – you can find the right deal for you.

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Discount Hotel Rates: Enjoy Manila's Finest With Discount Manila Hotels

Discount Hotel Rates

Expense is always an issue when traveling. One has to consider every aspect of the whole trip, from the fare to the food to the accommodations. When traveling to Manila, the capital of the Philippines, proper planning will ensure that you can travel affordably and within your budget. You will then be able to experience the joy of being able to freely explore and discover Manila without having to worry about the level of the funds in your pockets. This is why learning how to source for quality Discount Manila Hotels is absolutely essential.

How do Manila hotels provide discount rates? There are many factors to consider, and it is important for the discerning traveler to know how and where he or she can get great discounts for quality lodging in Manila. With this knowledge in hand, you can enjoy a stress-free vacation trip and yet still return home happily without having broken the bank.

Off-peak durations are always a good time to get discounts from hotel rates. These are periods of time when hotels are not fully booked. In Manila, this usually occurs after the summer, at the onset of the country's rainy season. It is also considered 'off-peak' when there is a downturn in the concentration of events and functions happening in the area. Because of the dip in guests and tenants, hotel managements entice visitors by offering considerable discounts to their rates.

Festive seasons and holidays also provide ample opportunity for discount hotel rates. Valentine's Day, Father's Day, Mother's Day, Christmas, and more - these special occasions prompt hotels to provide themed packages to suit the occasion. Prospective guests can count on lavish accommodations with a compliment of services or special fixtures that go with the particular event. That's a discount in its own right.

Some Manila hotels also offer add-ons or give out freebies along with certain accommodation setups. Examples of these are the giving of complimentary meals or allowing access to the hotel's premium facilities, which would otherwise not be included in the standard hotel accommodation packages.

Frequent visitors also get their dues. Much like frequent flier miles, some hotels employ a patron system that gives their repeat guests incentives to stay more at the hotel. This is a plus for those who always like to travel. It is like having a second home away from home.

You will be surprised that you can even obtain discounts and special packages at Manila hotels which place you at the right place at the right time for your specific needs if you just know how to look for them. Such budget-friendly hotels in Manila are very comfortable and are located all over the city, placed at strategic locations that allow for easy accessibility and convenience. You will even find quality affordable accommodations that are situated near strategic establishments such as tourist attractions, shopping malls, offices and banks. Staying at these discounted hotels will therefore enable you to enjoy the best of Manila - its culture, its people, and its vibrant Filipino city life. Some of these lodgings are also located near the Nina Aquino International Airport (NAIA) and the domestic airport.

Following the advice given above, discerning travelers no longer need to worry about their monetary constraints and budget dilemmas as they can look for suitable cheap hotels or even last minute hotels for their stay in Manila. To experience a maximum enjoyment, hassle and worry-free vacation or business trip, go ahead to search for and book your discount Manila hotel right away to discover all that this lovely city and the country of Philippines has in store for you! Have a most pleasant vacation or business trip.

Discount Manila Hotels provides excellent reviews of the hotels and accommodation available in Manila, Philippines. Check out the best offers, and also the excellent reviews of each of the available hotels at this fantastic site.

If you are looking for a more affordable Manila Hotel to spend your nights, do checkout our fabulous recommendations at Budget Manila Hotels.

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Discount Hotel Rates: The Perfect Hotel Escapade

Discount Hotel Rates

Staying at a high-class hotel can totally be one of the highlights of your vacation. And though lodging in a well-known hotel can be fun and exciting, you must take into consideration first your budget for your hotel stay before making hotel reservations. If your finances can afford it then go ahead and turn into the splurge mode and search for the best hotel of your choice. On the other hand, if you're in a travel budget, you can search the web for a hotel that's not only within your budget but, more importantly, a hotel where you can still feel comfortable and safe. More often than not, even five-star hotels offer budget hotels promos that you can avail if you just do your research right.

One of the best ways to start your hotel search for the best rate hotels, bargain hotels and other reasonable hotel deals is to meticulously read hotel reviews. From the most luxurious hotel to the cheapest you can find hotel reviews can easily sway the decision of vacationer like you. You can easily find hotel reviews in the internet and in lifestyle magazines. What's great about hotel reviews online is that they are true testimonials from vacationers and travelers who at one point in their vacation stayed in the particular hotel being reviewed. And since these are statements from ordinary people and not paid marketers, you can easily sense the truth of their words and understand if the review is more of a recommendation or an admonition.

Generally, travel agencies, both land-based and online, have hotel alliances. They normally give hotel packages alongside their travel promos. Most of the time, they offer discount hotel coupons or discount hotel rates that comes along with your travel deals. It is better for you to still check on the quality of these bargain hotels before agreeing so as not to have regrets later on.

Another way to get the best deals about hotel rates is to utilize hotel listings as well as hotel directory. There are excellent hotel representatives that can answer your inquiries over the phone. Reserve one particular night to go over your preferred hotels in the list and patiently converse with the representatives to get as much information as you can.

It's easy enough to make hotel reservations if you're traveling alone but it's another matter if you're with family or friends or even with your pet. Vacationing and sharing hotel rooms with adults can be quite undemanding as opposed with vacationing with children and pets. Their safety should be a priority so finding both a kid and pet friendly hotels is a must.

Once you've finally made up your choice of hotel and made a reservation, make sure to give them a call at least a week before your arrival for last minute confirmations. A week before your arrival is the best time to do this verification because if something comes up on either end, it will be settled immediately for a hassle-free fun-filled hotel experience.

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Discount Hotel Rates: Discount Hotel Rates in New Orleans

Discount Hotel Rates

Many luxurious and middle- class hotels in New Orleans offer big discoun thotel rates and promotional packages to their guests and vacationers, and one of these is the Ambassador Hotel located in the center city of New Orleans.

The Ambassador is adjacent to the gateway art district of Louisiana in New Orleans; it is surrounded by many historic and famous places like the French Quarter, the new Odgen Museum of Southern Art, the Louisiana Children's Museum and the D-day Museum. There is this 19th century three warehouses that were renovated and remodeled just to create the Ambassador Hotel with a touch of old and new style and design.

Ambassador Hotel is also near from the city's finest galleries and tourist spots, only one block away from the renowned Harrah's Casino, Aquarium of the Americas, Riverwalk, and the IMAX Theater. The hotel has been noted for its unique adaptation of old and today's new designs, giving out its best for the convenience and comfort of their guests.

Ambassador Hotel offers not only good and outstanding hotel facilities; they also give out lots of special packages and discount hotel rates for their clientele and make sure that their guests are well- cared. They can choose with variety of packages and rates upon checking in or in making their reservations.

Some of their guest rooms offer full view of the historic art district and downtown of New Orleans. They also feature open spaces for a more relaxing ambience, maximum ceilings, and an exposed brick for more aesthetically design, which until now is being retained and improved.

Guest rooms and individual rooms are all spacious and well- decorated with one or more potted element walls and hardwood floors. Air- conditioned rooms, complimented with wrought-iron king or queen bed, in- room safes, coffeemaker, hair dyer, large desk, high- speed Internet connection, unrestricted local and long distance telephone calls (included in amenities special package fee).

Other hotel amenities include:

• 165 Beautifully- Appointed Guest Rooms
• In-room spa services
• Restaurant & Lounge
• Data Compatible Phones
• Coffee Makers, Hairdryers, Iron and Board
• Oversized Executive Writing Desk
• Tour and restaurant reservations
• 24- Hour Valet parking
• Fitness center
• Meeting & Banquet Space
• Non-Smoking Rooms
• Handicap Accessible Rooms

The Ambassador Hotel amenity fee is $6.95 per day with free use of fast access Internet connection in every room; also in in-room safes with $20,000 insurance security regardless of guest occupancy. This amenities package fees may still determine and is subject to change by the hotel property.

The Ambassador Hotel also offered and catered different kinds of engagement, meetings, special tour and other reservations covered by its biggest discount hotel rates and promotions. It is their priority to give out and make their clienteles happy, feel comfortable while staying in the hotel.

Some of the hotel's special promo package is the Motorcoach Tour Special, a special promo for a group of young and active individuals who plan to have their tour or agroup activity and needed a space or accommodation for as low as $6.95 per room, plus a lot of complimentary stuff such as free continental breakfast with complimentary drinks and beverages in lounge, free room for the tour guides, and free motor coach parking.

Another one is the wedding banquet; Ambassador Hotel is a perfect destination for wedding ceremonies and other passionate escapes. From $99 rate you will have the perfect, unique and memorable wedding celebration and reception. Featuring its 2,000 square feet facilities blended with a sophisticated, modern touch décor and innovative sense of style that would make your wedding day grand but intimate, elegant yet relaxed.

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Discount Hotel Rates: Discount Hotel Rooms

Discount Hotel Rates

Who says that discount hotel rooms are only available at shabby motels? With a little creativity and a whole lot of patience, you book a room in a posh hotel and enjoy luxury at a big discount. Get everything you have always wanted – 24-hour room service, comfortable bed linens and a concierge without all the bills.

The Internet works wonders

A tight budget is no excuse for a cheap hotel room. Use the Internet to your advantage to find the lowest rates available for the best rooms in town. Log on to your favorite travel agent website – you will be surprised at what you may find.

Be on the lookout for nontraditional categories such as ‘hip hotels,’ or ‘spa favorites’ and ‘seaside retreats.’ Your travel websites may be ‘hiding’ discount rooms in these categories.

Are you planning to stay long? If you are, take advantage of discount hotel rates available for tourists who intend to stay for an extended period. You can typically get as much as 30 percent off the regular rates.

During off-season, many travel agencies offer first-class hotel rooms for 40 percent less than regular rates. What’s more you can take advantage of first rate vacation packages, cruises, spa stays and car rentals – all at discount prices.

Take advantage of the hotels where your travel agency has ‘special deals.’ When you book in these hotels, you get huge discounts. You should also use the “sort by hotel class” function on your travel agent’s website, because you will immediately zoom in on the discount hotel rooms you can afford.

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Discount Hotel Rates: Discount Hotel Rates

Discount Hotel Rates

Discount hotel rates are not as hard to find as you might think. If you know what to do, you can manage to get that all-luxury vacation at a fraction of the cost.

Cash in on your loyalty. If you’ve been a loyal customer at a certain hotel chain for years, you will likely be rewarded with very big discounts and even free stays. But they won’t just come to you – let them know. Do not be afraid to ask if you qualify for any discounts, given that you have stayed in their hotel several times. Be courteous and polite when asking the front desk for discounts and upgrades.

Make friends at the hotel. That’s right – a little friendliness to the staff gets you a long way. Remember that most visitors treat hotel staff rudely, so if you are nice, you will be remembered. Be friendly and polite, and hotel staff will surely remember you and make your next stay as comfortable and inexpensive as possible.

Take advantage of flexi-rates. Most hotels offer lower rates during certain seasons of the year. Ask your travel agent or directly call the hotel , and remember that persistence really pays off. When you do your homework, you get rewarded.

Complain, but nicely. If you do find something wrong with the hotel’s services or your room, then bring it up to the front desk or to the manager. Remember to do so in a professional manner. This will help the hotel identify their weak spots and improve their services or amenities. It also might get you a free room, or at least an upgrade. You would be surprised at how generous hotels can be to dissatisfied customers.

Discount Hotels provides detailed information on Discount Hotels, Discount Hotel Rooms, Discount Hotel Rates, Hotel Discount Coupons and more. Discount Hotels is affiliated with Discount Travel Agents.

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